Show temperatur?

Is it possible to display the laser temperature of a diode laser in LB?

There is no output of what the internal temperatures is, so you can’t determine it.

Most LED lasers have power, ground and the pwm control.


My NEJE have this output. It’s a 4 pin plug. The NEJE program shows the temperature.

The NEJE program uses their own custom hardware chip that is not running GRBL. LightBurn talks to the other chip, that IS using GRBL, and you can only use one of them at a time. They do not publish the details of how to talk to their custom firmware, unfortunately.


They do not publish the details for read the temperature?
So have a look in this document from NEJE server:
How_to_get_laser_temperature.pdf (
There you can find all you need. - In public internet…

That document is showing how to communicate with the laser head itself, through a wire connected to it from a microcontroller. If you can find me a GRBL command that will let the controller read it, and return the value, and I can put that in LightBurn.

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You have a COM connetion to the board so you have access to this data.
Why do you need a GRBL command to read this value?
Are you not able to read data from COM connection directly?

I have a COM connection to the GRBL controller, not the actual laser emitter board.

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