Shrinking bottom text, new to light burn and can’t find anything

Hello! I’m working on some custom coasters with merry Christmas for the upcoming holiday, but the bottom text always comes out slightly shrunk in the y direction. Tried importing text from image (Inkscape png) tried separating the text elements, nothing is different and can’t figure out why this is doing this! Any help greatly appreciated

Reference in image

P.S. the top one that looks slightly right is stretched to compensate (works but shouldn’t have to do this)

For something that simple why are you using an image?
Just type it in using text within lightburn.

Give that a try and see if it changes.

Yea, sorry I wasn’t specific, most of the attempts are just the text tool in light burn, the image was just a final test to see if it was the text tools fault, but it’s clearly not

Make sure you have rotary disabled.

Yup rotary mode is disabled in light burn, and I’m assuming there wouldn’t be a hardware switch or something correct? Can’t find anybody else with this issue, but it’s also screwing up circles. And basic curves.
Uploading: image.jpg…

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