Side docked windows resizing

The right side docked windows will not remain sized as I set them. If I move the cursor anywhere off that docked window it returns to its default size. It also got stuck with all docked windows sized across and blocking the main window until I reset the window default. There are clearly some flaws in how this app retains screen layout adjustments.

First time user… MacBook Ventura - latest ver.

Take a look through this video and see if that addresses your questions. If not, circle back on specifics not addressed.

Thank you for the video, but I obviously know how to resize windows and rearrange things in an app’s desktop. What should happen then is those changes do not keep resetting back to their defaults the moment you do anything else. But they do, and there seems to be numerous instances of this as I search these archives.

This shouldn’t be taken for granted, is not always apparent to people, and LightBurn has its own quirks about how this works.

I’ve literally never heard of this. Some people have reported windows reverting size on restart but not spontaneously.

Can you take a screencap or make video of what you’re seeing?

I made a video but this forum will not allow the .mov file to be uploaded.

The forum won’t host videos. You’ll need to host externally and then link here.

I see you are using a Mac. Please tell us more about this system and the OS that it’s running.

Per my first note, MacBook pro early 2000, latest Ventura version.

Thank you. And thank you for helping me learn something new today. Yes, this is apparently a known Qt (cross-platform dev tool used) issue. I believe if you quit, then re-run LightBurn, this should resolve.

Please update with results when you get a moment. Thank you again. :slight_smile:

Ah ha, excellent. It’s not broken, it’s a first time use feature used just to mess with the new guy. ;{)

Thanks W

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This is super odd and hadn’t heard of this as a known QT issue. Glad the fix is easy enough.

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