Signature area for each user?

(Dean Charlier) #1

I think it would be great if we could have a signature area that could be filled in by each user. For this forum, it would be a perfect place to list the lasers that we are using.

It would serve 2 great purposes.

1 - If people post a question and forget to specify their laser then there won’t need to be replies of “what device/size, etc”
2 - If you can see what other people have, it might allow you to understand who has similar lasers to you when you see their work/results, etc.


(Ray Kholodovsky) #2

Great idea as far as the using the Sig for machines.

Looking into it.

(Ray Kholodovsky) #3

We like the utility of this approach, but signatures can get spammy quickly so we’re going to hold off for now.

(Dean Charlier) #4

I get that part! I can understand I just thought I’d float the idea!

(Aaron Peterson) #5

Signatures are so old hat, I don’t see a need for them. If you forget to add it to your post, luckily there’s an edit button where it can be added. Sigs are just a ton of visual clutter, why scroll through pages of convos between the same people and see the same sig each time someone posts anything?

(Oz) #6

I agree with Aaron on this one - Sigs tend to get abused, and become really cluttered looking. Some people write novels.

(Blake Bartlett) #7

Maybe profile info could be added to a predefined signature for everyone, such as laser, controller, etc.

(Isaac Barbary) #8

That still has the aforementioned clutter problem. The current layout is much cleaner. If you really need to know what laser everyone has, check their profile.

(Blake Bartlett) #9

This actually works really well, just click on the users name, and it brings up their profile info. Pretty snazzy forum software.

(Isaac Barbary) #10

Just tried clicking on my own picture and it truncates the about me section. :disappointed_relieved: Guess I’ll have to rethink the layout the info I included.

(Blake Bartlett) #11

Looks like 157 characters.

(Oz) #12

We can likely adjust that - the forum software is pretty flexible. EDIT: I looked, and can’t find that, so it may be a coded limit, related to database storage.