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Can somebody help me, please?
I have two activation going,I try to cancel one pc so I could have my other laptop going for my portable laser, but it wont let me cancel out my old pc. Thanks

What won’t let you and what happens when you do this? Where are you doing this? From LightBurn or from the License Portal?

License Portal! I have a PC in the garage( workshop) and one in the house. On both PC I have LB installed. Now my laser in the workshop went on the blink. My space in the garage is very limited and I would like to set up my Atomstack in the basement and have the LB software on my small laptop. It is too complicated to move the PC from the garage or the one from the house to the basement. Thos this make sense? :slight_smile:

2 options:

  1. try disabling the license from within LightBurn. Help->License Management->Deactivate License
  2. For License Portal you need to use the initial email address that you used when purchasing the license. Is there something preventing you from deactivating there?

I am getting the message, “Deactivation limit reached!” I am not intending to have LB on three different Pc’s,I just try to move it over to my laptop! Thanks for your time.

Okay. That means exactly what’s stated. Initially LightBurn I believe allows for 10 deactivations and it seems you’ve reached that.

Please send an email to explaining the situation. You can link to this forum Topic as well. They will need the email address associated with the license. I’m sure they’ll take care of you from there.

By the way, if you ask politely, LightBurn may give you a 3rd seat for your convenience.

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I have added a few (5) additional deactivations along with an additional seat, so you now have 3 to allocate as you’d like. :slight_smile:

I also cleared both seats currently allocated. You should now be able to reenter the key to allocate as needed.

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