Signs of the Zodiac

Not the icons, but rather the actual stars that make up the signs.

I had to upload as a LB file as DXF is not allowed. Why the hell not? I ALWAYS back up my files to DXF

Signs of the zodiac.lbrn2 (140.5 KB)


Is there a question here?



No, not a question.
The section info said that it was to put project files into or files that I wanted to share.
I drew these up and wanted to share them.

It wasn’t a need to vent.
DXF is a standard file format that is used throughout the world and is also used by LightBurn.
That being the case, why will the system not accept a DXF file?
Further more, just because someone is downloading a file from LightBurn is not to automatically assume that they want to use LB with a particular file.
So, I ask again, quite calmly … why the hell can I not upload a DXF file to the LB software site?

PS. I usually use Vectric Aspire for my design work, so had I not already converted the file to use with LB, then yes, it would have been an inconvenience for me.

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Thank you RalphU. I will do that in future. But, it would still be better if the forum just accepted DXF files natively. :slight_smile:


Asking calmly wouldn’t include “the hell”. :slight_smile:

You can’t upload DXFs to the site simply because we missed that file extension in the list of accepted ones. Some file formats, like SVG for example, are allowed to contain javascript, html, or other content that could be executed on a user’s machine, and be used as an exploit. The forum allows txt and a few others, but we have to specifically whitelist things. I’ll go add dxf to the list.


Thank you OZ.

Thanks for adding the .dxf extension to file uploads.

I do disagree with your statement that saying “the hell” excludes the possibility of my asking something quite calmly.

Now, where the hell did I leave my bible. :slight_smile: