Silicone band help

Hi all! We’re new to laser & Lightburn.

I’m hoping this group will be able to help!

We’re lasering silicone bands to make a custom name. The finish it’s leaving isn’t great and we would like to improve it. Does anyone have any suggestions to leave it with a cleaner finish?

Pics attached. Many thanks, really appreciate it.

We’re usually a OMTech 50w co2 laser with Ruida from a MacBook Pro. Settings, speed 8, power 13%, interval 1.2 (tried several up and down)


Suggestion…but I don’t have any first hand experience…have you tried defocusing your laser a bit by raising (or even lowering) your work piece slightly so that rather than using the narrowest most concentrated part of the beam normally used for cutting, you use a wider beam, thereby slightly dispersing the lasers power over a broader area and thereby “smooth” the burn. I believe this is a common technique used for engraving.

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