Simple feature that would save me(and hopefully others) a lot of time


I would like a hotkey for setting the cut order priority in shape properties, to the next unused order. For example if there are no priority orders and all are set to to 0. I click on a shape and then the hotkey that shape would get cut priority 1. If then click on another shape and the hotkey, it will get cut priority 2, and so on.

The background is that I cant get it to cut in the specific order I want using the optimization settings. And for my current job I need to set about 40 cut orders and that would be a lot of time saved with this hotkey.

This is an interesting idea for our Feature Suggestions site.

However, before posting there, If you’re willing, please send me the project here as a direct message. I would like to attempt the cut-ordering.

I want to get a solid understanding of where the current tools aren’t working well for you.

I may be misunderstanding the issue, but on the Cuts / Layers tab, click on a layer and use the :arrow_up::arrow_down: arrows just to the right to move the layer priority up or down. I put each cut or engrave on a separate layer and then set the priority by moving the layers up or down with the arrow buttons.

As an example, if I want to engrave a graphic inside a square, I would put the square on a C00 and set it to line and the graphic on C01 to do the engrave and set it to fill. Then, if C01 is below C00, I would select it and use the up arrow to move it up above C00.

I hope I was understanding you correctly.

I’m not on my computer so I can’t show the file. But the issue is the time it take to click och each object, move the mouse to the cut order box, type the number(and keep track on what number I’m on), move the mouse back and click the next object and repeat. If I can just click on the object and then the hotkey, next object, hotkey - it would go much faster.

I can make it cut in the right order with layers but it will be a lot of layers. Doesn’t feel right but maybe it’s fast enough. Will try.

Best would the using optimization but I just can’t get it to do the order I want it. I will get back when I have time with the computer again…

problem.lbrn2 (34.9 KB)

Here is the file, with the order added.

Tried little fast to use layers but I didn’t manage to do it any faster than using cut order.

Note that you can do that with an external tool, while you wait for the feature to be implemented…
I am thinking about automating tools like AutoHotkey or AutoIt or similar.
They are good to automate repetitive tasks like this one, with a pinch of programming to get the incrementing.
There is some learning curve, but they are useful in many fields.

Interesting! Thank for the idea.

Not sure if this is a direct message but i try.
problem.lbrn2 (34.9 KB)

I tried my hand at making a little AutoHotkey (AHK) script doing what you needed.
It was a long time I didn’t write such script (even if I use some I made daily), it can be perfected, I suppose.
One difficulty is that LightBurn is written with the Qt multiplatform GUI toolkit. I think it sees the whole window as a drawing board, and doesn’t use standard Windows components.
If it was the latter, we could reference the component for Cut Order Priority by its name / class / etc.
Here, we have to click at given coordinates, and they depend on the screen size, window size, etc.
So you might have to adjust the position: AHK have a Window Spy which can help.

The script is very simple:

Counter = 1 ; Starting value

#IfWinActive ahk_exe LightBurn.exe ; The hotkey works only when this window is active
#+i:: ; The shortcut: Window+Shift+i; of course, you can change it.
	Click 1850 333 0 ; Move mouse over the input
	Click 2 ; Double-click it to select the existing text
	Send %Counter% ; Send the keys typing the number
	Counter := Counter + 1 ; Increment the counter

You click on the first shape, open the Shape Properties tab, hit the shortcut, it should set the field to 1.
Select the second shape, hit the shortcut, you get 2. And so on.

This one is tough because the whole project is on one Line layer.
This layer is then set to engrave four passes.
LightBurn engraves each line 4 times before moving to the next line or feature.

What is the specific order you want for this project?
Four passes at 100% looks like a cutting operation.

This is the order I want on this project. I did up to 5 but its repeating itself so you get the point. Preferably I also want to be able to rotate it 180 degree and still cut it from top to bottom. So a optimization order would be best but a fast way to set the cut order would work.
Also, I have created this with the array tool. If I set the cut order in shape properties for the object that I multiply, it could have an option to raise the cut order with the multiplied objects. For example I have 3 cut order in that object, 0, 1 and 2. And if I would make an array of 10 objects, the second object would get cut order 3, 4 and 5, and so on… that would really help this particular project but I think a hotkey to set cut order would be more versatile.

I see what you’re saying. I can force the cut order you want by using layers and sublayers but there’s no optimization path that follows the proposed order.

This is an intriguing idea. Please post the feature request to the Fider site and up-vote other feature suggestions that are of interest.

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