Simple line texte and gride


i’m a new user and testing the tools of light burn
i’m french and not realy good in english
i have read the topics with similar question, but they are olds, (near V0.9.05) and now we are in 0.9.09

My other soft i use :
for creating objects : freecad, fusion 360, (but path tools dont want to do what i need for engraving)
for my laser : engraver master (i only can do parts one by one)

My machine : a DIY 3 axis 5.5W engraver with a leveling probe for easy ajuste the height
maximum height of object 200mm,
Bed using sise X=250mm Y=270mm
for now i engrave on plastic parts some attribution number on one or two line, texte can be fully différents
exemple :
pad 1 pad2
“FON00365 “FON 002
JAR000052” REV0091”

my questions :
i want know if now its possible to creat texe like simplex / line type ? if yes how to do it ?
i want to know if its possible full my text gride in lightburn with external gride board like xls or csv :
text zone 1 Line 1 = case A1 of my external gride;
text zone 1 Line 2 = case A2 or B1 of my external gride;
texte Zone 6= A4 …
Do it’s possible ?, and if yes how to do it ?

if lightburn can do it, it was more easy tu buy a license

Single line fonts aren’t available yet, but it’s being worked on.

The CSV text can be done using the Variable Text feature in LightBurn. The documentation for that is here:

thanks, for this good and quick answer
but how to read the second and others line in the csv ?

my original gride
grille origine
when i read my csv exproted file
contenu CSV
my test result

it’s good now, i have find the answer, we need to select the line by selecting the ofset
ofset 0 = line 0
ofset 1 = line 1

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