Simple mistake some might make

Might be obvious to most but wasn’t for me. I could not figure out why my Sculpfun s-10 seemed to be less than my s-9 module. It kinda has a built in air assist (always on) but i figured that was more for keeping debris out of the lens a bit more. When I got the s-10, I also got an air assist. And I crank it up (it’s variable speed) to also help with the lens. 3rd burn today and I accidentally shut both my out take fan and air assist off…smelled buring paint and I quick hit pause. Restarted both, resumed the burn and WOW. THIS was why I needed so much power for tiles. The air assist is horrible for that. And I have read that before…but wow. Sometimes I really AM that dumb and stubborn. Hope you can see in this pic the quality difference. I am reburning at just 4% to hopefully even things out. I will send another when it’s finished. I couldn’t move the tile before I ran it through again.

It’s a little obvious still…but it’s a 4x4 tile for behind their bar lol. It did even out nicely bit not 100%. Live and learn…air assist may keep the lens cleaner…but you need more power and slightly lower speeds.