Simple Name Monogram

Made a quick project in LightBurn utilizing the weld tool to weld my family name into a monogram letter that I had as part of a purchased set. Only took a couple of minutes in LightBurn, and about 10 minutes on the laser to cut it out.


That was a success and looks great. The letter “B” seems well-suited for this type of adaptation. Other letters would not be as successful.

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The way the set of letters I bought were made actually look good no matter what letter of the alphabet you choose. I have made a few others, including my granddaughters name, which starts with an S and it looked good as well.

Anthony, a bit off topic but you have pinched my name - My kids call me Grumpy old man all the time.

No hard feeling though, the attachment may raise a smile. Coaster cut on clear acrylic in reverse. the settings are for my 60w(true) chinese red & black 50x70. 65% is 18ma.Grumpy Sorry, I was going to send the lbrn file but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

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