Simple vertical lines

I can cut / engrave text, graphics and horizontal lines no problem but just a simple straight vertical line is a no no. What am I missing?!

Why is it a ‘no no’? Help us with what we’re missing.

Not sure at the moment, still playing around. As topic says, i am getting nowhere with vertical lines. May be a problem with controller… ?

You’re not telling me why it’s a ‘no no’. Does it not engrave anything? Does it not even start at all? Does it catch fire and start spewing blended peas all over the room? “Getting nowhere with vertical lines” isn’t actually anything helpful. It doesn’t say what you had as a result of trying to engrave or cut vertical lines. Also, I don’t know what an RD4040 is, so maybe you could list your controller here too.

Are you trying to engrave (fill) a line? That won’t work - it has no actual thickness, so you would just use “Line” mode to draw it.

Thanks for replies Blake and Oz,

I think my problem was the line was going out of the co ordinate system slightly.
What confused me was the fact that the software still did a test frame and I would have thought that it would throw up a warning that the job / laser head was out of the working limits.
Anyway, working at the moment. (my prognosis is just a guess by the way)!

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