Since update to 1.2.03 framing is not to the size of my T1 Layer frame

When i set a frame layer and set User Origin and then go to frame the XTool Laser head moves in about 8mm from the origin and frames at a lesser size than the T1 Layer frame. This has just started to happen and am wondering if its due to me updating Lightburn to 1.2.03Any suggestions please

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I just updated this morning and ran into the same issue. reinstalled the previous version and no issue

Hi Mike, I actually reverted to 1.2.01 and as you say, no issue. Hope the guys a Lightburn get notified of this challenge and are able to add a patch to resolve it. Would be useful to stay updated with the software levels.

I had reported this to Lightburn Support and they acknowledged the bug. The workaround they gave was to use the Cut Selected Objects feature and ensure that all of the objects (including the tool layers) are selected for cutting. When doing this, the framing works as it did prior to the latest version upgrade.

Iā€™m having the same issue with T1 & T2 not working even after updating to 1.2.04.

Do you mean that T1 and T2 are still not taken into consideration the tool layers? Have you made sure that the Frame toggle in the Cut/Layers window for T1 and/or T2 is green?

I upgraded to 1.2.04 a couple of days ago and the framing function has returned to its proper operation and is taking the tool layers into account again.

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