Single line of text of many coming out differently than the rest

I’m having a strange issue where on an engrave with multiple lines of text, a single line is looking like it’s being duplicated and shifted slightly (picture attached).

I have checked in lightburn, and there isn’t any kind of duplication in there, it’s definitely only a single line. Considering all the other lines are coming out correctly and that it is very consistent across multiple runs I’m also less inclined to think it would be mechanical.

Those look like the thinnest lines in the file, and the others look like they’re a bit ghosted too (like on the E - it’s quite visible near the middle part). I think you may need to enter scanning offsets:

Thanks for the reply! I just did the scanning offset adjustment and retested with the same results (or marginally worse results)

Is this multi-layer plastic? If so, that thin part might just be collecting smoke from the engraving, or not be quite deep enough. What does it look like if you run a second pass over just that text?

Yes, it’s trolase 1/32" black/white. I just ran another test where I did different text in a different lightburn file (still with scanning offsets defined), once where it scans from the bottom of the text to the top, and once where it scans from left to right (as you would read it). As you can see, it always seems to ghost along the scanning axis. As you said, this seems to always be the case, but the larger text hides the issue.

I’ve had some experience with the multi-layer plastics like this, and it’s not uncommon. A second pass is usually necessary to clean up those bits. Run two faster passes (or lower power) instead of a single, higher power pass, and the results should be cleaner.

A second pass did clean it up a bit, but I still feel like that’s just hiding the issue more than solving it. Here’s a test done on paper and you can still clearly see the ghosting. The top text is done at 150mm/s and the bottom is 300mm/s. Both still show the ghosting issue, albeit to a lesser extent with slower speed. Is it possible this is an issue with the switching speed on the power supply?

It’s possible, yes. Double check the scanning offsets (try one on paper with them off), but yes, I’ve seen PSU faults look like this.

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