Single pass and stops

It looks like you have a custom user start script and user end script. Did you add those? I’m not familiar with what this might be for.

Can you see if you have anything added in the Gcode section of the Device Settings?

Take note of what you have there. Try removing those lines and see if you get different behavior.

@berainlb is on it…

It appears the first gcode instruction is 33 I would think it would one of the control codes with a command. Probably what choked the poor thing…


THAT WAS THE PROBLEM. There a number only in both the Start and end GCode. Maybe 32 & 33. I don’t remember adding these. Thank you all for your help. I will now have a GREAT day. Hope you all too. Thanks again. Dick (NH OLDFART)…sorry it took so long to post the results and thankyou, but as a new userthey limit my post/day


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