Single piece phone stand

From a YouTube video comes this simple cell phone/tablet support build. It’s a screwy arrangement somewhere in that the link in the description leads only to advertising with no true connection to any file. It was sketchy enough that I fired up my Linux box to pursue the clicks and got nowhere.

Okay, a screen capture, a bit of perspective adjustment and manual tracing and there’s a working file available here. phone holder live hinge 50 no email.lbrn (43.4 KB)

There are four 0.5 mm tabs on the perimeter, which is the last layer in the cut list. The main body of the support is too heavy to not fall during the cut, so there’s a pair of 0.5 mm tabs there as well. It’s sized for 3mm plywood, otherwise the notches don’t quite work well, but could be easily modified.

As you can see, it works well for volume production and easy-to-mail gifts for family and friends. If they all cut (not a certainty), you’ll get 14 on a sheet at about US$0.25 each.

That is great, thanks for the file! But be careful, the file you shared has air assist turned off on the blue layer.

I don’t have the solenoid system installed, so I ignore that feature on all my cuts. Your warning is appreciated for those who have auto-air assist.

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I have it set on all my layers so I forgot to check it. It would be nice if the air assist indicator was displayed on the main Cut / Layers window next to Output and Show or could be optionally displayed for those that want to see it due to having a solenoid controlled air assist.

Thanks again for the file, the phone stand is a great give away item!

Edit --------------
I just went to the feature request site and found that someone has already made the same suggestion to show the Air Assist Switch on the main layer window. I hope it gets implemented.

I think Allen might be trying to say:

I hope it gets implemented. If others would like to vote for this, here is the direct link:


Yes, that is exactly what I was trying to say, thanks.

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Sweet! Thanks.

I foresee lots of freebies for customers

I took the lazy mans way out and wired an LED to my console off the Air Assist from the controller. It lights when the solenoid comes on. Not totally fool proof, I’m fool enough to forget sometimes, but it does tell me if it’s on or just in bypass.

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What is the awful noise produced by the machine in the video? Poor laser is screaming :joy:.