Size different between burn & image

I’ve just set up my camera on a Boss 1420
Everything is calibrated - I am able to burn a circle perfectly positioned on the center calibration circle.
Here is my question/issue
I put a 1/2” thick piece of wood (about 3” x 6”) in, autofocused on it, then drew a rectangle just inside the edge of the wood… on screen it looks to be about an 1/8” from the 4 edges of the piece of wood. Ran it and it burned the rectangle about 5/16” from the edge… perfectly 5/16” from the edge!.
When I update the overlay, the drawn rectangle is clearly not on the same path of the burn but perfectly about 1/4” inside the drawn rectangle.

When you took the camera capture, did you autofocus on the wood before you captured the image, or after? You need to set the top of the material to where it was when you ran the camera calibration before you do a camera capture. The focus point of the laser is the only height it’s calibrated for.

I believe I autofocus on the piece of wood first, then drew the rectangle and ran it. It is quite possible that I did the original image capture of the piece of wood, then auto-focused THEN drew and ran the rectangle…
I will try again in the morning (it’s 3am here now!).
I assume the steps should be as follows:
Place the piece
Take the screen capture
Draw the rectangle
Run the job

Correct. Check that first, as it’s an easy slip to make.

Still having the same issue…
I recalibrated
Put a piece of wood on the bed
Auto focused on the wood
Clicked on update overlay
Imported an svg file
Aligned it on the wood
Ran the job
Click on update overlay and the burned image is smaller than the screen image.
This is frustrating!

Ok, in your first post you said “perfectly positioned on the center calibration circle”.

That means the positioning itself is accurate, but the scale is off. The times I have seen this happen it has been because, when doing the target marker calibration, a scale was entered that wasn’t 100%, the user backed out of the alignment wizard, then went back in, didn’t set the scale the 2nd time, and tagged the markers.

Could this be what’s happening for you? You said “I recalibrated” - did you re-run the whole thing including the marker tagging print, or just re-use the one you had already? (That would cause the exact same problem)

Same one… I’ll try again!

You can use the same one if it hasn’t moved, you just have to remember to enter the scale value you used when you ran it the first time. I’ve seen this happen enough times that I’m going to make it remember the scale setting. Usually people tag the markers in the wrong order the first time through, get an image that’s upside down or sideways, realize the mistake, go back through and tag them in the right order, but forget to set the scale the 2nd time through.

Thanks for your patient help.
Time to burn!

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