Size limit for LightBurn work area?

In general, is there a limit to how large of work surface light burn can work? Can I build a 4’ x 8’ laser and run it with LightBurn?

I thought Lightroom was photo editing software. ?

You can just try it :wink: But with my LightBurn I can easily make a setup with 2x4 meters.

The limit is 15m x 15m (roughly 49 x 49 feet)

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And thank you for this BTW. I use so much more space in my projects than just the work area of my machine. All of those “well before I really screw up all of my hard work that I have put into this drawing, I better ctrl-D this and test this idea on a copy” moments.

Plus, I draw almost exclusively in LightBurn for my 4 x 8 CNC Router.

Wow. I’m glad you warned me before I built that 50’ x 50’ laser…

You can draw outside of the work area. It just won’t burn any of that.

Exactly. That’s what I mean. And if using cut selected / current position, boundaries are irrelevant.

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