Size of Engraving different in ver 1.2

Hi I seem to be having trouble with the engraving size being different in new update to 1.2.
I am engraving on 150mm and 200mm square tiles using the norton method. Using either my previous version designs or setting up new designs they wont stay as the tile size used. In Lightburn I setup say 200 x 200 job but when I engrave they are running at about 205 x 205 and overshooting the tile edge by 5 or so mm The Silverback is calibrated to within 0.3mm over 400mm so it is not my $ values. Same happens with my previous version designs on both the 150mm and 200mm tiles.
Is there a setting that might be causing this. Calibration works exact when spindle carving

A couple of quick thoughts on this.

It makes sense to me that axis calibration is axis calibration and the steps per mm would be the same whether it was a laser or a spindle.

Are you using the same steps per mm values from your Silverback with your CNC controller as you are in LightBurn?

You may want to compare Machine Settings and the Outputs setup to the value your CNC software is using. You may want to click the ‘Read From Controller’ button on the Machine Settings window after you’ve saved an alternate copy of your work for testing.

Any lost motion behavior? Please post pictures and screen captures so we can see how the art has changed.

Depending on your art, scanning offset, and spindle behaviour in your controller, your laser may not be shut off when traversing outside the art. ( I am making an educated guess without pictures though. )

Please confirm that you’ve reset your $32=1 to return to Laser mode and the Laser is off while traversing.

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