Size of image in software doesn't match what the laser frames


Omtech laser connected via USB to Dell running Win 11 & Lightburn 1.1.04.

I was working on a LB file that was approximately 6in x 6in and I resized to to 12inches x 12inches and when I hit the frame button the size of the frame remained 6 inches.

I then opened a brand new file and tried making a simple 12" x12" square when I clicked frame I got the same results, the space framed by my laser is about 6"x6". I’ve tried powercycling the laser & the laptop both, same results.

Please advise.

Thank you.

Can you please post a screen capture of the work space?

I know you know which laser you are using and that makes a difference if you want us to help you.

Both of the lasers in the profile are different ‘animals’… troubleshooting is a bit different in each case.


Hello Gents,

Thank. you for the fast replies. I was able to resolve this issue (although I’m not sure why) by resetting the laser “starts from” to absolute coordinates, from the dropdown. Any insight as to why this would make a difference would be appreciated and would help me to avoid the problem in the future.


Hi Jack,

This was for the Omtech CO2 laser.

Thank you.

Which frame button are you pressing… machine console or within Lightburn?

The difference between absolute coordinates and user origin is where the job is going to be referenced.

User origin requires you press ‘origin’ when the head is where you want it.

If you have more than one object it would affect the frame size… You can press ^a or from the edit window select all.

You will see the size of the resulting object.


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