Size of project not working out

I have been engraving 200mm x 200mm tiles in Lightburn 1.2 The project is set at 200 x 200 but when engraving it is extending to about 205 x 205. The calibration for the both axis is within 40thou in 400mm on my Yorahome Silverback and everyting carves correctly with spindle. Even loading old Lightburn projects from previous setup that carved correctly with previous version it still over engravesJust when I go to Lightburn does this happen

I had something similar happen.
I applied the Markconfig7 file when i changed to LB and verified the correction settings as correct against the screen captures from EzCad which were accurate. The bulge, skew etc was fine but the scale was off by 2.4mm in X, and 1.5mm in Y.
I’ve corrected that in LB but now find that even though the part geometry measures correct in the work area, it frames a feature at 39.5mm from another feature instead of 40mm. Had to manually translate the feature to get it to engrave within drawing tolerance.
Edit: 50w JPT using the 300mm lens.

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