Sizing and adjusting screen

I am new to Lightburn. I cannot figure out to size my screen or move things around. The color pallet is not showing at the bottom and I can’t figure out how to resize so that it does. I’m trying to set up a practice file. My machine is right, rear oriented so I’m moving the file towards the right rear. Then when I want to expand the file in size so I can work it is goes off the screen to the top and I can’t do anything with it. Can’t I move the grid around so I can use it where I want to? I watched plenty of You Tube but if this is covered I missed it.

I would like to suggest you review this document, explaining the basic of LightBurn. Beginner Walkthrough - LightBurn Software Documentation

Continue through this until you complete the Simple Project. Then, post back with the details of what you have set up, what you are trying to do and what results you did or did not get compared to what you expected, and we can go from there.

OK. I printed it and will study. Thanks.

Jeez Rick. I just printed this whole manual. You must not want me bothering you for a while. Actually, very good. Way better than You Tube as I now have a reference. Many of the features are not foreign to me as I use Aspire for my CNC. These are simply a new way of handling the features and tools. Appreciate your advice.

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No, no…but we are trying to not have to re-type if we don’t have to. LightBurn is a small team supporting a relatively large user base. We have to be very efficient with our time to do this. Not pushing you away at all. :slight_smile:

We are in the middle of re-writing these docs so not everything that was covered in the old documentation (still available) has made the move just yet, but we are working it. We are also trying to update and produce new content on the YouTube when we can.

Had a great day! Got through the documentation and made several small signs for my grandkids. I will pay for Lightburn tomorrow. Really works well. I’m running a 90W CO2 Chinese that I just got fired up. Thanks for the help.


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