Sizing problems in lightburn

Tonight I opened a file that I cut 7 times before, and cut it again. The size in lightburn said something like 225mm tall (this is the correct size). When I cut it, the actual size was around 245mm tall. I cut the same file 3 times more and it did the same thing. I restarted the program, imported the same file, cut it, and it was correct.
What in the world?

Indeed. Thank you for reporting this. I have never seen this myself nor seen it reported to us before. What else can you share? OS? LightBurn version? Type of job? Was it an Image that was processed externally?

Share as much as you can to help us try and reproduce. :slight_smile:

Is it possible that “enable rotary” was enabled somehow, even though the button didn’t indicate?
It was a SVG imported from Inkscape. I JUST cut 7 before Christmas. I got another request for this product so I imported it into lightburn today and cut it.
Here is the funny thing. It is acrylic and wood. So I had the wood portion left over from Christmas so I just needed the acrylic. I cut the acrylic and it was too big. I didn’t have any more acrylic so I figured I would just cut the wood portion again.
I cut the wood and it was skewed. The acrylic didn’t fit.
So, I restarted lightburn, went back into Inkscape, and put all 3 pieces together. Imported all 3 pieces into lightburn and cut them on cardboard. THEN they were the same size as the original (before Christmas). So, in the end (after I used the last piece of red acrylic I had) the size got back to correct.

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I have the problem with disabling rotary before I exit so that my next job isn’t in rotary mode. I’ve gotten to the point where I laser like I fly… with a checklist. There are stickers all over my machine to remind me of things that I forget. Made 3 focusing jigs so that one is always in eyesight before I start a job.


where I laser like I fly
Close to the surface, with high acceleration, and a close eye on power?


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