Skewed Image on Glass

Larry Glasses.lbrn2 (607.7 KB)

Hi All, FIRST THANK YOU for the warp and deform functions… They are awesome. But today if you look at the image I included it is skewed from bottom left to top right. I am using a template from the clackshack that allows me to ensure my rotary is exactly perpendicular to the laser so it is parallel. I am running an Atezr Pro 20W. I can include the lightburn image here it too (my friend had to pay for the crest I am using) appears to be straight (although I did use the 4 point to widen the top some). I have confirmed my set up of the rotary as well and all appears to be good… what did I miss? I read some other posts on skewed images (update firmware, mine is up to date as I had to replace the motherboard) I have done many glasses already and none other appeared skewed like this. I saw the note on slipping and I had hand tightened it very snuggly. In the picture I added it is level across the top and bottom but it seems as tho the bottom is 1/16" further to the left somehow…

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It was slipping! I tightened down the grips and it is straight!

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