Skewed vertical vector cut lines

This is a very small vector cut, a little over 1/4" tall. I’m getting skewed vertical & horizontal lines for some reason as seen in the preview. I added two rectangles next to the “F” to show they are indeed drawn perfectly straight. If I turn on remove overlapping lines you can see how it removes one side of the overlapping rectangle on the bottom and leaves the other side of the rectangle vertical without skewing. If I increase the overall size of the vector cut, the vector lines remain skewed. Any ideas?

Thank you for reaching out. Please post this file for review. :slight_smile:

You shared a modified file from what you show above. I do not see all the other layers nor the “rectangles” you used to show things are aligned.

What I do see in the file sent is a ‘Kerf’ offset set to produce to the outside of the shape. This is why it produces with rounded corners. I also note you have a small ‘Z Offset’ applied as well. Is this intended?

I just removed the parts that didn’t have anything to do with it. Here’s the updated file with the rectangles included showing the same issue: Filebin | mvqxe0rzflicj895

The kerf and Z offset are needed and correct.

Yes, I can confirm and see the same with LightBurn version 1.0.06. I also note this behavior appears resolved and is not present with the latest 1.4.01 release. :slight_smile:

The part was so small when cut I couldn’t tell if the skewed lines were actual translated to the cut. Are you able to tell if the skewed lines are actually being sent to the laser or if it only shows that way in the preview?

Using the 1.0.06 output, I did not run on Ruida controller, but did save as GCode and ran through a simulator. I would expect the slanted output to be the same as what is shown in ‘Preview’. This confirms my expectation via GCode output.

Using the latest 1.4.01 release, this issue has been resolved, and LightBurn is producing as expected.

Guess it’s time for me to update. Thanks for your help


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