Skinny fonts for tiny characters

I have a cheap NEJE 1500 laser with a 3”x3” engraving area and its own software. With it I can add 3 rows of text on a clothespin, mostly to show off the precision of a laser engraver.

Using lightburn and an Ortur laser, I am unable to get this same result. All fonts are either outlined or filled, but none are as small and sharp as the NEJE.

I have Office 2019 and all associated fonts on my computer. Is there one that will give me small, sharp, readable text, small enough to replicate my NEJE on a clothespin?

Clothespin sample pic attached.


LightBurn will fill or outline whatever you give it. With fill, you’d need to increase the lines per inch setting to make readable text that small. The default is 254, but a diode laser can go considerably finer than that. For the text, try 400 or so and see how that works for you.

Look up CamBam Single Line Fonts, as another possible option - they won’t fill, but they’re the thinnest font you’ll get from your laser.

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