Skipping burn areas

Any idea on why this is happening? Looks good on screen preview…

Do you have ‘Flood Fill Scanning’ selected? This will have the scan process jump around a bit, but will fill-in all by time scan completes. Did you let the job finish?

With ‘Flood Fill Scanning’ ticked ON (green) here is a job showing cut planning mid way through cut in ‘Preview’.


Just was looking at it. .I might have jumped the gun on my post…:rofl::rofl:

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Not the spelling police, but add an e to ‘you’re’ before you waste a good piece of wood.

Hehehe…that was fixed before I started …I was changing fonts and didn’t see it…

@Coleswoodworks, you pic did not post. You can edit by clicking the pencil and try your paste again.