Skull and Roses Bertha Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Running an Ortur LM2 “15w”(~4.5w) Image running Jarvis 420dpi @ 1000mm/min 80%. Scrollwork and bolts 254dpi @ 1600mm/min 80%. 14% overscan on everything.

This ones for the Dead Heads out there, and what really kick started my foray into public domain imagery. I was introduced to the Dead by my uncle with the Skull and Roses album (and a copy of American Beauty) and one of his old t-shirts of the skull and roses album art he has had since well before I was born. So this image has some sentimental value for me. When I found out that the image originally was from a book of poems from the late 19th century I immediately jumped at the opportunity to try my hand at engraving it. As it was only the second project back into wood engraving after a solid two months of tile work. It felt like a very good way to test myself and see if I still had my material chops down. I made a couple copies, and one is going to the uncle with some new tunes for him, as we still swap music a full decade after the initial plunge.

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