Slate tiles . more contrast?

I have purchased a number of floor tiles that

They are polished some how for use on the floor. They are not supposed to have any kind of coating…

This is a compound lens, 150mm/s 18% power, Stucky, 254 dpi.

This was with same as above but ‘submerged’ a few mm.

I think the bottom, submerged one has a better contrast range. I had to bump the power to 25% and it could probably go higher.

Here’s a link to the short video.

It’s difficult with this stuff, is doesn’t have much of a contrast range and it ‘pots’ with large spots where the laser hits it. Tried 128 dpt, but it looked horrible.



Firstly it looks like you are trying to keep to much detail in the image, the whole face is covered in speckles from laser hits, I would suggest altering the image to high contract black and white using something like photoshop, gimp etc. highlighting the areas of interest in the face, nose, mouth, eyes, chin line etc and removing all the fuzz in between. this will give the image a general more pop effect rather than the flat even tone you have now
Some examples on Glass to show the higher contrast areas picked out

And this is how the processed image looked like before scanning

So basically it’s the quality of the image, not the laser settings that will improve your tiles.

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I understand your point, as I’ve done some line drawings that I can see (under magnification) that there is no distinct line when too close.

I do think slate is quite different, as I have some mirrors and tile that I’ve had good luck with. Haven’t worked with glass to nearly the extent you have. I’ve a limited bed area.

I’m hoping to make a memorial on some rough slate for one of my old partners that lost his daughter and would like to get as much detail as possible.

The image has been worked over pretty well in gimp to flatten the contrast. I’m not bad at dodging and burning, did that as a kid when I took up photography.

The end product will be on a 12x12 square, so this is rather small for the intended target. I’m too cheap to try this on the expensive stuff :frowning:

Maybe a softer image.

Thank you very much for your thoughts (and photos). I will take a look at the artwork again.

This just may be a lost cause for the intended purpose. :frowning:

Take care


After percolating on your response, I will follow your advise and reevaluate the image. I keep thinking in a different mode and you pointed it out… Thanks…

Love the lizard :slight_smile: