Slicing a design in half

I have a rather complex design made up of an import DXF file, some text, and some traced PNG files, converted to paths. It’s too long for my laser so I would like to cut it in half and burn in two separate runs. I’m happy to create two files and run them separately on two different pieces of wood stock. Is this possible?

Yes. One way you could do it is to just select the parts you want to engrave, check ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ and ‘Use Selected Origin’ if you need it, and burn away. Then you can select the other half and burn that.

If the design is all closed shapes, it would be pretty easy to use the boolean tools to cut it in half and run each half. If it has open shapes in it, you’ll need to do some editing to split it. The challenging part will be aligning the two halves so you don’t see a seam, but it’s doable.

Thanks, I’m quite happy with a seam as it’s parts of a boardgame board. The boolean tools are greyed out, however, when I drag a box across, despite my design being all paths. What would cause the boolean tool to be unavailable?

That’s a good idea, however there are parts that span the whole width so would need to be ‘split’.

Review this for a good overview of our Boolean features providing the “when and how” they are best used.

If you post the file, we might be able to offer more exacting workflows.

Thank you all for your advice. The problem turned out to be some shapes that weren’t closed.

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