Slight problem with circles

I posted in November that after setting the steps/mm I was getting perfect circles from LightBurn.

I’ve not changed my machine in any way and have also checked it over a few times.
Now whenever I try to burn a circle, either from a file created elsewhere or by using the circle drawing tool in LightBurn I’m not getting a proper burn all the way round.
In the image below are 4 seperate burns of the same file, all made with different speed and power settings.
If you look at the top left and bottom right sections of the circles of each one the burn is fine.
When it gets to burning the top right and bottom left it’s a bit of a mess.
I have no idea why and would really appreciate any ideas anyone may have.

Do you see the same if you cut a single circle? Can you please show that?

it looks almost like a focus, alignment or bed level issue to me, as the lines in the top right and bottom left are not as focused as the other quadrants. But to be fair, 4 pictures of the same burn with overlapping parts doesn’t make it easy to see the issues at first. Could you post a single picture of the entire burn?

They are single circles, I replaced the ones from the original image with new ones created in LightBurn. But yes it does happen on a single circle burned on it’s own.

Also tried on Slate, which is naturally uneven and get the same results so I don’t think its a focus problem.
Also moved to different part of the bed and get the same results. The circles look perfect of the screen.

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