Slow laser engraving white tiles


First post, please go easy.

I have a MKS Gen L v1 running marlin. I’ve had a couple of goes at engraving white tile and each tile I get the same result.

The last test I did was an image (png) of Peter Rabbit, no background on a 150 square tile. Now the preview said 7minutes, but I had it running for 53 minutes and it had only done the feet. This image is not covering the full tile just 50mm wide top to bottom. Any suggestions?

How long do other take to do tiles?


I assume the preview looks correct?

What kind of dpi are you attempting on the image ?

I’d guess you are attempting a grayscale?

A grayscale grbl engraving is very data ‘heavy’ in that the size of the data stream is large and is limited by your machines abilities.

The preview gets it’s information from your lasers controller an you can check it via ‘Edit → Device Settings → Additional settings’. Go there and look at a few, then click ‘Read from controller’ to load the settings.

This may give you a better time estimate.

Good luck


Hi. Thanks for the reply.

I didn’t mention, I’m a complete noob with lasers.

Looks like I’m running at 254 DPI on greyscale.

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