Slow startup on macOS 13.0.1 (still)

Good afternoon

Just got a new M1 mac and installed a fresh copy of Lightburn…

Still the same issues that the busy beachball appears several times and it takes up to 30 seconds until all menu items are responsive…

On my Debian 11 machine this isn’t the case…all menus are accessible immediately…

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I have no solution but just wanted to confirm that I have the same issues. Lightburn is extremely slow to start on an M1 Mac Studio with Ventura.

I just timed it. Beachball for 15 seconds, then you can’t access a menu for another 10 seconds or so. Once it’s running loading a medium sized file gives you the beachball again and another 7-10 second wait. Once everything is finally loaded it runs OK. The impression is that it’s having issues with disk access?

I’ll update from 13.0.1 to 13.1 tomorrow and see if that changes anything. For now Lightburn is usable, just a bit irritating compared to how it used to run on what was a slower computer!.

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Good morning (o;

Just installed the update and now the behavior is different:

On startup the Lightburn info window appears for around 5 seconds together with the beach ball kicking in 2 seconds later…after that the main window appears and all menus are accessible…

So definitively a change for better here (o;

I’m already on and still have the problem. Updated to Ventura 13.1 and there is no change unfortunately.

This seems to be something specific to Ventura, because we’re not seeing it on anything else. We have a couple of devs running dual-boot who’ve confirmed the behavior, but on the same physical hardware with the same version of LightBurn, but a previous OS, there’s no issue. Not sure what’s causing it.

Thanks for acknowledging it. There’s a certain schadenfreude in knowing it’s not just you! :slight_smile:

Does Lightburn support command line arguments when launching through terminal to see maybe more details?

Yes, and we’ve already done this internally. It looks like the OS is buffering or preventing user interaction with the interface for a while after the main display is shown, but there’s no indication as to why.

FYI - One more place where this happens is using the ‘Preview’ command. Again spinning beachball for a few seconds.

Hmm…don’t see this on my Mac…preview is shown instantly…

Only from time to time I have to restart Lightburn as it won’t send any new job…

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