Slow vector data transfer & engraving error

Quick overview about my hardware:
60w Chinese laser, 40x60cm, Ruida 644XG

To do:

  • engraving an vector-based graphic 50x50mm about 30pices.
  • graphic: mandala style, many paths, ornate graphic

Test with one piece:

  • take a bit of time to load the graphic (after pushing start button) but did his job well.

Problem with 30x pieces file:

  • (I’m working with Illustrator)
  • all 30pieces safed as lightburn file (15MB large)
  • after pushing “start” it loads pretty slow (about 10minutes)
  • when the engraving starts, it shifts the graphic like tetris = i have to stop the engraving.
    = engraving failed

I dont know why but while sending the files to the laser it showes “51.594kb”. I don’t know why it’s so much.

Is there a possibility to simplify the file so it can load faster?

Zip the LightBurn project file (lbrn) and email it to so I can have a look at the settings you’re using. I suspect there are a few simple things that could be done to make it process faster.

The 51kb is not the problem - it’s the complexity of the content, and using Line mode that takes the time, because the system is computing the optimal path to take for the laser.

The file you sent has a 2mm ramp enabled (in the Advanced tab of the Fill layer settings), which is normally used for generating stamps. Set that back to zero and your file transmits almost instantly.

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