Slower blank movements, is it possible?

Hi. I have a Minigerbil plate on the K40 laser, I want the white movements to go at a slower speed than the one defined in engraving, is that possible? It is because it makes very fast and sharp white movements and I want to reduce that speed. I know that Lightburn has the option of setting speed of movements in targets but it is only for speed greater than that established in engraving and I want it in reverse, is it possible to configure it?

I have looked at the grbl but if I slow down the engine speed, the engraving speed also decreases …

LightBurn makes all movements when engraving at the same speed, unless you have the 'Fast Whitespace" setting enabled in Edit > Device settings.

It’s also possible that you are engraving an image, and in areas of white it’s going faster because the controller is actually able to keep up. What are you engraving, and what settings are you using?

It happens to me in lines, I select lines and at a speed of 20mm / s, if for example it is making 20 or 30 circles and these are separated from each other in 2mm for example, when it passes from one circle to another it does so at a very very fast speed and then that abrupt change causes the table to vibrate and the piece to move.

I have the blank motion configuration disabled because I understand that this configuration is to define a configuration faster than the one established in the recording, right? I would like if for example I am making lines at 20mm / s because the site changes make them also at the same speed and not so fast.

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This image is what I do for example

It is set at 20mm / s and if you look at the following video:

when it passes from one circle to another it does it at a higher speed and that abrupt “brake” to go at a high speed causes everything to vibrate and move the piece

I misunderstood - You said “white movements” which, to me, implied the blank parts of a standard engraving, not the travel moves between parts.

What you’re referring to is your idle speed, controlled by the configuration of the laser itself. LightBurn never changes your idle speed, intentionally, so you set it in a couple of ways:

  • Change the setting in the controller. The Max Rate and Acceleration settings set the maximum speed the controller can move, and how fast it accelerates to speed. Lowering one or both of these values will reduce the amount of shake you’re getting.

  • Change the G0 feed rate with a macro. Use a command like G0 F3000 to set the speed of G0 moves. LightBurn never overrides this, so it will stick. The F parameter is in mm/min, so 6000 is 100mm/min.

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Ok, I explained myself badly, I understand then what is the speed of travel.

How could I create a frame ?, because if I change the speed of scrolling in grbl, then when moving the spindle from one point to another from the software or doing home, I would go to the established slow speed and I want the displacements that I indicate or when doing home go to the current speed set but when you are recording and making a scroll, go slower.

I don’t have a setting for that at the moment, but you could use macros to do it. Have a macro that is G0 F3000 for 50mm sec slow speed, and another that is G0 F24000 for 300mm/sec fast speed.

And how can I do that macro? But the macro is generic for all the files I put in lightburn or should I do it in each image?

In the macro editor:

I just mean make a single line that is the G0 F3000 line, as a macro, then when you start LightBurn you press that macro button to set that speed.

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