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I am wondering if there is somebody out there that can help me. I am trying to write some very small lettering with the laser.
The question I have is… Is there a way to write text with the laser head as a single line. Not scanned and not outlined
When using the text command or importing text, it always has a thickness that can be filled. The other option is that the laser traces the outline of said thickness. On very small lettering this results in an illegible black smudge. The line command produces a vector of 0 thickness that the laser head traces. Is there a way to have text do the same?

I’m sorry if that makes no sense. Another way to put is, if I’m writing with a pen on paper I make one pass. I don’t colour in the letters nor do I go over it twice. Is there a way to do this with the laser?

Thank you in advance


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Have you converted the text to path? Edit > convert to path

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You need the right font. I use this font for single line.

Warning. the individual letter and numbers are pieces, not one continuous line. You can easily grab part of a letter / number with other stuff it you are not careful with what you select.

Look up ‘Single line fonts’ - CamBam makes some, and there are others that work too.

That’s what I use, I put the ttf file there to download.

perfect thank you. as always very helpful!

before i spend hours looking, are there fonts available that use smooth arcs instead of straight line segments as in the font above. as i type this i realize all arcs are made up of segments but these seem rather low res.

as an aside, is there a way to join all the segments into one line so that the cut is at least smooth. i tried converting to a path and then using auto join but the lines will not connect. even tried a single pair of lines , the ends of which were touching, (i edited using nodes and snapped them together)

again many thanks in advance


found this solution for anyone else looking at this thread

ok last one from me on this. here is the holy grail for single line fonts

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