Small Letters Low Quality and Blurry

I recently upgraded the controller of my Logilase cutter. But I can’t get the engraves to be nearly as high quality as they were on the old controller. Now I will preface this by saying I did not adjust much about the cutter settings in LB. The reasoning is because the settings on the Leetro controller that was previously installed did not translate over very well. Instead, I based them on the settings that this blog post mentioned - Leetro to Ruida Settings

Here is a picture of the before

And here is a picture of the after

I did follow the documentation article about scanning offsets (Scanning Offset Adjustment - LightBurn Documentation) and got my 100 mm/s offset (roughly what I am engraving at) to be fairly precise.

The most recent one is the bottom one. There is a very minor offset still present but I adjusted my scanning offset slightly as well but didn’t do another full test.
The quality of the engraving almost went down a little from stock after I ran the scanning offset tests and made the appropriate adjustments.

Thanks in advance