Small lines between each letter Vigotec VG-L5 5w 450nm

When engraving text, between each letter, the software burns a little “transtion” line on the wood which seems to be the movement from the end of the first letter to the start of the second one.
The laser does not turn off when moving from a letter to another.

Need help to setup.

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Is it possible that the min power is for something?
It’s currently set to 20% and is locked.

Thank you very much!
By changing the param 32 for 1 it fixed my problem.

Nice job!

Dear Oz,

can you deepen on this $32 setting? We have similar issues and are looking into the matter.
Running a Cohesion3D with Smoothie here, so I assume this might be different for us again.

Both the PSU and laser tube have ran only a few hours since we are still testing & troubleshooting this new build.

Smoothieware is different. There’s a minimum_laser_pwm value in the config.txt file that should be zero. If it isn’t, that might be all it is. If it is zero already, chances are that your wiring is wrong or the PSU is dying.

Dear Oz,

thank you for again the quick reply! I believe that there is a slight miscommunication; you are referring to all the travel between different shapes / lines, whereas we are experiencing ghosting / random burn lines while engraving.

Now that we have turned off Smoothieware clustering (l really believed that it was meant for us!) it seems a lot better. I am baffled but really happy with this latest finding.

Also posted on C3D forum:

Smoothieware clustering is meant for the specific version of Smoothieware I altered for C3D to overcome raster speed issues. If you aren’t running that specific firmware, that option will cause problems.

Dear Oz & Ray,

I believe you were the ones with the solution as posted on the C3D forum.
For the record, yes it was the clustering option causing the trouble. Firmware should be at least from June 2019 (visible through the version command in the LB terminal).

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