Small private Christmas project

Well done! Those sleds are really cute! Thank you for sharing the file(s). I’ll have to give it a go as well.

Very nice project very well done,
Your right about making things for others is
Way more rewarding then what it cost your very good man happy wife happy life

I too seem to have the same issue showing up as @Cobol68 when I attempted to load the Sled3 file. I see there is 1.4.04b out, but the message I received from the Lightburn app was that it was created in Lightburn 1.5.00. I am also currently on ver. 1.4.03. Sorry to be dense, but was your comment to mean that it should still work ok? I didn’t know if there could be any new features or changes, in the version you used to create the file, that might cause errors or a crash.

Thanks in advance

The beta people tests the last new version of LightBurn, regardless of how many new changes have been added, it is an ongoing process and we help to find small errors and make comments and suggestions to the developers. Apart from the excitement of testing new features and the feeling of contributing to a great product, working with a beta LightBurn is unspectacular and no different than working with the final official version.
The file itself that is created in the different versions is compatible with each other. You can e.g. work with all lbrn2 files that are on the “market” since the format has been introduced. And the old lbrn file, the predecessor of lbnr2, can also be opened and processed, without problems. However, it is (as far as I know) not unproblematic or possible to use lbnr2 directly in an “too old” LightBurn version, but here we are talking about different file type variations. If needed, an lbrn2 can be saved as a “LightBurn Legacy Project” - .lbrn file and then there should be no problems either.

I understand your concern, but…:wink:
Think of it as an old fashioned pencil technical drawing. When I send it to you, you won’t see what type of pencil or protractors and other aids I have used to make the technical drawing, but you will be able to correct and change it with your own remedies without problems.

(are there still people who use pencils and erasers made of real rubber…?)

It is only “the lines themselves and the properties” that are used in the files. That’s a very simplified explanation, but should cover your question.

I was a draftsman (CAD operator, whatever), among other things, at my last job and it was fairly common to markup drawings by hand for various reasons. I kept a stock of old drafting tools in my drawer and used them often. We even had a few old prints knocking around from the 50s and 60s that were still hand drawn. Scanned to PDF by that point, but still not redrawn into a CAD format. Our policy was to leave them alone until a revision was required. When I started there…many years ago…we still had a single drafting board, electric eraser, air eraser, etc. but almost everything had moved to either AutoCAD or Unigraphix. That was followed by Mechanical Desktop and then Inventor (which I still use today).

It’s a lovely read and reminds me of my own work with drawings, especially cartography.
Although I have digitized the entire city’s district heating and water wiring from well-executed paper drawings, I have always loved the beauty and precision of a hand-drawn map. The old maps and drawings radiate a personality that digital media does not have.
I learned technical (hand) drawing in my training as a blacksmith, in the late 70s it was a permanent part of all craft training.
With a good teacher, you learn to love technical drawings and use it for the rest of your life, at least to make some project sketches.

P.S. I also love working with digital drawings :wink:

I agree. My son missed out on the drafting arts (they went directly to CAD in school), but he still shares an appreciation for the old ways. He has some original blueprints from an old US company, International Harvester, framed and hanging on his walls.

hi I like to make gifts for my children and grandchildren and I like your design of the little shed a lot. Is that design somewhere available? I would be very happy to use it.
Kindest regards
Emiel (a new lightburn user)

Yes, of course, it’s a bit higher up here in the thread. I have drawn it and everyone is welcome to use it.

I could not find the Cantarell thin font you used in your sled file (above). In your file you have some text in black. It is a very thin font compared to most fonts. Did you use Cantarell Thin as the font for that? I would like that font as it is a nice minimal font.

Ignore that last post! I see another thread in the forum talking about single line fonts and will check that out

No, but it best suited the original from the RV.
When you click ok at the font error message, the text is automatically converted to path. Advantage it looks like original but cannot be processed anymore.

I forgot about coming back here to post a picture of the ornaments. They are 90mm wide.


Wow, that’s a really nice design. I can see why the recipients kept it and hang it every year. Is that your own design, or if not, where can I get a copy?

Sorry I didn’t see this until now. Life has gotten in the way but I have contacted the vendor on Etsy where I got the design. He doesn’t have it listed on his shop but I asked him for a link or if I could share the file with you.

This design can be used to create multiple designs.

I will let you know if or when I hear back from him. The design only cost me $3.03 so it was fairly cheap.

I’m going to see how this looks enlarged to 11 inches with spacer rings between each layer.


@Off-kilter Charles,
The file is for sale. I’m not sure if it’s okay to post a link to his sop so maybe someone could answer that then I will post the link. The file is listed for $4.54 so it won’t break the bank.

Before I get off the forum I’ll see if I can find out if it’s Okay to post the link. It’s not an affiliate link and I get nothing out of the sale.

I can’t find anything about posting links so I’ll wait and see if one of the moderators sees this and lets me know yes or no.


Waiting with baited breath. You can never get to early a jump on Christmas.

@Off-kilter Charles,
Here’s the link. If I get in trouble oh well: