Small private Christmas project

My wife has been asking for name tags for the Christmas presents and I would like to use the opportunity to practice and experiment a little in LightBurn.
Hearts, stars, gnomes … all we’ve had before, so I made a little sled.
Names I have cut 2 times and mirrored the script the second time and customized it with the deform tool. It turned into 20 sleds in total.
The material is 3mm plywood of leftovers from other projects that I have collected.
Here, the use of LightBurn`s camera is also a great help to make the best use of the material. (@ColinW, I’m still very grateful for your very friendly help)


Very nice tags! Tres apropos!

The snippet of heatshrink tubing on the rope is a nice touch. :grin:

Well done!

It was mostly an emergency solution because I couldn’t make a neat knot, the wife was also immediately impressed, so it became my “design”. :rofl:


This trumps all other reasons. I bet you got a bunch of points for this one.

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So happy to see this! Great work :slight_smile: Those are super cute.

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Completely correct, and when the tube has finally to be in nursing home or even to be buried in the coming year, a new investment in a slightly larger CO2 tube is significantly easier to explain :wink:

But honestly, making little gifts for family and friends are much more personal and it makes me happy when I make them. And people also value it, a friend of the family has got a Santa’s ornament as a wrapping decoration, a few years ago, now it always hangs on its entrance door, that’s fine. (Uncle Mogens looks a bit like Santa …)
I have a order that waits to be made with 300 logos to be burned on boxes, good paid … but making gifts is more rewarding.

I understand completely. I gave my son’s father-in-law a desk stand Marine logo, which I got from another posting. When they start the response with “Oh wow!”, I feel it was worth more than the effort.

I avoid anything that resembles a job! Good luck!

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…aaahhhh, I have already made the logo for this company and burning them on the 300 boxes is boring but brings good money into the house.
But I have the luxury of being able to choose on and off what I do for money.

That is the best solution.

Those are really cool. I’m just getting started with some 4 layered ornaments for gifts for our waitresses and friends. I’ll post when I get finished.

LB-Christmas-sled2.lbrn2 (265.3 KB)

opps, it’s a very slightly updated version, with birch plywood (and the right notch) it can be assembled without glue and it’s suitable for decorative use. Not suitable for soft poplar plywood, here there is a risk of the tenons breaking.

For those who want to use it, feel free.


LB-Christmas-sled3.lbrn2 (264.3 KB)

…another “bug fix” ;-). there was a scaling error with the nameplates, but now it should be ok, just made 6 pieces. again.


Hi, when I try to load these to light burn it identifies that they were saved in a version higher than the highest that LB will update me to. What gives LB my version is LightBurn 1.4.03, built Wed 2023-08-02 @ 15:08
Created by LightBurn Software, LLC
and the project suggests that there will be errors etc.
would like to know how to resolve

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I believe might have used the BETA version to create the file. He is one of the BETA. testers for Lightburn .That’s my gut feeling why the error. What’s says you old friend ?



I just load them and seem to not have issues.

Good morning, sorry for the late response, but it was late tonight, I am working on a project which I will probably show here when it is ready.
@Sasquatch , who I’m also very happy to have back here in the forum, is right, I’m on the LB-beta version. However, file compatibility is superb with LightBurn, in both directions, as you have tested yourself - no worries or problems. :+1:


I’m working on a gift card and holder for my daughter-in-law. The company doesn’t provide physical gift cards, which is terrible for the very IDEA of gifting, but it seems to be fairly common now. Sad. Regardless, I’ll have more in labor and materials for the card and holder than the value of the card! I am completely fine with that! She will appreciate it and I am having fun doing it.

Same thing happened last year. Different company, tho. I didn’t have a laser at that time, but have extensive experience with Origami. I made an envelope from hand-made mulberry pulp paper and designed and printed a paper card. This years it’s aluminum and maple. :grin:

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That is well done - I’d better keep my wife from seeing this post or she’ll have me doing something similar. Well done

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…rather do something nice with the laser than be dragged out Christmas shopping :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: