Smallest Size QR code with 100w co2 boss laser

Hello all,
can anyone tell me what is the smallest size readable QR code you have been able to read with your phone camera is? I’m doing anodized aluminum and could use some pointers.
thanks, Doc

You can use Inkscape QR code generator to create different sizes on the screen, then try to read with your phone. It should give you a good starting point for a smaller test sample. The last QR code I created was on glass and was at least an inch on a side, but I don’t know the pixel block size, which is the parameter used in Inkscape.

I’ll bet you can get pretty darn tiny if your camera will focus closely enough. All that’s needed is good contrast between black and white or black and not black.

Thanks Fred i’m checking it out right now i’ll follow up with a metric/inch size once i’m done experimenting.

Worked out great! what I did was print out different sizes on paper and used a bunch of phones in our office to see which size worked out the best for reading. turns out a .46" x .46" square worked out the best for most phones. if I went smaller there was an inconsistency with reading.
Thanks, Alex

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