Smoke/Debris Issue – New Aeon Mira 7 - What can be wrong?

After cutting, it takes very long for the smoke/air/debris to leave my machine. When I cut, the smoke comes back to the top of the work-piece in order to get out of the machine – see image – is this normal?

Is air supposed to also go out from the bottom of the machine?

Yes, the smoke should exhaust through those holes. The Mira 7 has a button to turn on the exhaust fan on the side, above the USB ports. It may be labeled ‘Blower Switch’. Check to make sure that button is pressed down.

Yes, the blower switch is on - the smoke goes out only through the back of the machine - see image below - that is why it needs to come back to the top of the work-piece in order to leave the machine.
So, the smoke also needs to go out from the bottom?

It should- do you have Air Assist enabled in LightBurn? That should blow the smoke towards the bottom.

You may need to check with Aeon for more information on this. I’m speaking from experience with the Mira 7 we have here, but they would know more.

Air assist is on. It is blowing the smoke towards the bottom - but seems like the bottom ventilation is blocked and the only way for the smoke to go out of the machine is from the top back holes - so the smoke comes back up. Will have to contact Aeon to learn how to open the bottom ventilation. I just wanted to know if the smoke should be having a way out from the bottom - which I understand it should. Thanks for your help!

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When I had my CO2 lasers, I cut a slot in the clear plastic on the lid to let air in. You can suck all you want, but if air doesn’t get in to replace what you are sucking out, it will always be full of smoke.

I first tried to keep the lid open a little by sticking something under the lid so that it didn’t close all the way.

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