Smoothieware Cluster Firmware for STM32 Core M7 based controllers

Do any of the developers / contributors to Smoothie’s cluster firmware flavor for NXP/LPC are on this channel? I am wondering if there is an active branch for porting it to STM32 as well. New and promising STM32 Core M7 based controllers are now coming out to market and I wish to upgrade my laser cutter to be able to increase the speeds in which i raster engrave at higher DPI’s.

The developer of ‘cluster mode’ is the developer of LB.

Oz also written / modified the cluster flavor firmware side of things?
I am looking for smoothieware for STM32 which supports LB Cluster thingie.

Oz wrote the Smoothie clustering firmware. So until he decides to port it to STM32, I think you will have no luck.

Yes, I wrote both - I was compensated by C3D to do it. Porting Smoothieware to an STM core is a much different challenge, and GRBL running there should already be as fast as the cluster firmware - the cluster mode was added to make Smoothieware as fast as GRBL-LPC running on the same hardware.

Nice, Do you ever sleep?
I know nothing about grbl-lpc. Are you saying there is a production grbl-stm available for download as well? I need to do some readings about grbl. My 40w co2 runs Cluster on LPC 100Mhz controller. Assuming grbl can run on these 400mhz STM Core7 controllers, will i gain much in comparison to lpc/100Mhz running Cluster? I want to raster up to like 300mms @ 254DPI without having jitters due to communication/cache bottleneck. these days i can scan a dithered image up to 200mms & 200DPI free from jitters (250/254dpi image of 50% average whites/blacks is where i start to see massive jitters and broken results). what I am trying to say is that i am looking for a “DSP for the poor” solution. What i also like to learn is the number of gcode commands per second possible in comparison to lpc 1768/9. Smoothie is very agile and easy to configure which I am not that sure the same goes for grbl.

Speaking of which, can we have lightburn show us the Quality of communication with gcode controllers so we will know at which speed/dpi our controllers struggles to digest the stream? like green/yellow/red lights? I know,… Suggestions goes elsewhere…

Anyway, Smoothie-STM is something I really wish to have (btw, all my printers runs Smoothie as well - no need to compile each change and it’s easy to manage all machine having the same firmware)

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