Smoothieware, esp3D and wifi connection for GRBL/Smoothieware/Marlin

Hi All,

I’ve upgraded a K40 with Smoothieware and an SKR 1.4 + Wifi with ESP3D firmware ( ). ESP3D, additionnally to regular web UI on port 80, implement a TCP bridge to serial on port 8888 .

It’s easily testable using putty, opening a raw connection on ESP3D IP:8888 and seems to works.

@LightBurn When creating a machine template, i got only choice for “USB/Serial”. I’d love to have also an ethernet input in that box, allowing to choose ip adress & port…

That will allow to use K40 without cable…

Since esp3D works also with Repetier, Marlin & GRBL (a gcode Flavour to choose during setup), this could be a great improvement for adding wireles connection to GcodeLightburn version.

Is it a good and feasible idea ?

I tried to connect to Wifi using a virtual com port to TCP driver.
I’ve used the freeware from HW Group :

The idea was to install that driver, set it up as a gateway to the hardware ESP3D extension done to Smoothieware, allowing to use Lightburn/Smothie wirelessly.

Workflow is as folowing:

Windows 10 > Virtual com3 port connected to > WIFI NETWORK > ESP3D (ESP8266) > Serial0 > Smoothieware > K40 Laser.

I had some success with GRBL driver (see screenshot on ). Grbl driver is able to connect and init homing in the machine. Moves are ok. I did not go further because my machine is smoothieware powered, and got a limited compatibility with GRBL.

However, when i’m choosing Smoothieware driver, port opening does not seems to go well (see ). Ethernet counters are increasing,but opening failed and Lihgtburn stays in “waiting for connection” state.

Nothing changed on the hardware between those two tests. It’s always the same K40/Smoothie/ESP32 Machine… The only difference is the software driver used in Lightburn.

I can’t go further in diagnostics, since i dont know if code for opening port in Smoothie and Grbl driver is the same. I suspect not, since the activity monitor shows traces on opening parity even, 7 bits, and unknown hangshake. Both traces can be seen in both screen capture.

@LightBurn , any idea?

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