Smoothieware initilizing during LB launch

When i right click on Smoothie device button - what commands are being sent to smoothieboard?


A simple newline to see if the device responds with ‘ok’.

Then the home command, if you have homing enabled:

data.append("G28.2 XY");

The $X is unlock, so it will respond, and then G28.2 XY is “home the X&Y axis”

Thanks, I have homing enabled.
I was wondering if you use $H or G28 as i know G28 does not work in laser mode. i did not know G28.2 works. why you don’t print these to the console?

I wanted to reserve the console for things that were actually important, like errors or warnings. I find that if you spew too much, people ignore it.

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Verbose mode could be nice (enabled in settings)

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The debug log dumps everything that goes through the comm channel, but it’s hex coded (DSPs are all binary, so it’s easier this way).

There are numerous sites that will take hex and convert back to ascii, which works well for decoding the streams. I didn’t want streamed gcode to go there because it would steal CPU to update the display, and I try to be conscious of users with lower end systems.


Alternatively you could add a button to pop up a separate gcode follower window that shows the gcode as it is sent? Nothing happens when it’s closed, so CPU isn’t weighed down much (you’d still need an ‘if’ statement to check whether the window is open with every gcode send, obviously).

Another window isn’t necessary - I’ve added a flag to force echo everything to the console. It will still have a limited history, so it likely won’t have much impact on CPU usage.

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