Smoothing Fonts

I have a font im using to laser cut out some letters, however its a bit rough at some stages. Ideally I want to run the trace image function around the words, maxing out the smoothness

Is there already a way I could do that? I love to smooth out everything. just makes everything look better

My work around was to type the word in… Word… screen shot, paste and then run trace image. Worked a treat

Close%20up !

Original in red, new in black

This is the whole word, going to be 1030x495mm so itll look so much better

Same font, this time ‘doughnuts’… not sure what happened here!

*edit: the discrepancy is from MS Word, is that odd that the two programs have rendered it differently?

Can you not just type the words out in Lightburn then do some node editing?

It would depend quite a bit on what size the original was done at. Fonts are complicated beasts, and do all kinds of strange things to make them draw well on pixel-based displays. There’s a process called “hinting” which shifts things around at different display sizes so that vertical and horizontal lines end up on clean pixel boundaries, and LightBurn does not do this hinting.

There are a few other things at play that could affect it this way, so it’s a little odd that they are as different as they are just for that trailing ‘s’, but I’m not terribly surprised.

For the original question, LightBurn has an “Optimize Shapes” function that might help, but I don’t have a smoothing operation yet. It’s something I’ll likely try to do, over the next while.

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Kinda, but I can never get the nodes to look as good, plus this was significantly faster