Smoothing one corner that isn't enough of a corner for radius

I would like to slightly soften a corner on a rocker, but there isn’t enough angle, I guess, to use the radius tool. The offset shapes tool doesn’t seem to let me soften just one place. Or I could be missing something. I do that a lot. Edit nodes doesn’t seem to let me soften without changing the shape. Normally, it would be simple with sanding. But I’m trying to create a template.

So in 1 below (well, it’s not much of a 1, but) I’d like to soften the corner without changing the design dramatically. In 2, I’d like to make that corner angle a bit larger to accomodate a router bit.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Used your image as template, created shapes and fade image (turn ‘Output’ OFF).

I used Edit Node to soften as described, grabbing the center of the ‘rocker tip’ and drag left. Did the same for the inner corner for your routing requirement. Does this work for you?

Thank you Rick, that’s exactly what I needed. I had tried the edit nodes function. You showed me how to use it correctly. Much thanks again.

The reason the rounding tool isn’t working is that one or more of the lines is already a curve - it only works on straight line intersections at this time.

Thanks for the heads up Oz. I really appreciate it.

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