Smudges on workpiece

I have just printed my first project on my Atomstack A20 pro and it came out very well with the sole exception that there are smudges on the workpiece. I attach a photo showing what I mean. What has caused this? have I done something wrong?

Not at all and you are doing pretty good for a beginner. It is “smoke damage”, or better described as smoke smear. Well known because you are burning the bajeebies out of something with a laser.

I have seen remedies for this, but the one that I would try is to coat the material with blue Painter’s Masking Tape, or masking tape if you don’t have any of that, and burn through the tape. The soot blows into the grooves of the wood grain and the tape theoretically blocks this from happening.

Thanks Mikey. That sounds like a good solution - I’ll try it tomorrow

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