Snap To default settings

What are the default settings for the “Snap” features?

Please suggest a tutorial or write up that I can study, that would be great.

I can’t actually see any “Snap to” movement which I assume should bring 2 objects up to and touching each other once the user gets an object within range … seems to be dysfunctional or idiot proof.

You can control the snap distance from the ‘Settings’ window and using the control key disables snapping.

Snapping only works when creating objects for the moment. I’m going to be expanding that to include scaling and dragging as well.

If you want to snap shapes to each other, look in the Arrange menu for Move H-together and move V-together. The last shape you pick is the “anchor” and other shapes in the selection will be butted up against it.

Thank you Oz, I appreciate your help.

+1. Less tedious snapping to shapes would make design and layout so much faster.

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