Snap to grid not listening

Ok i’ve read several posts on snap to grid now and i still can’t figure out why my objects aren’t snapping to my grid.

Running version 1.1.04 windows 10

my settings are as follows:

when i attempt to move any object it simply doesn’t align with the grid. oddly enough when it does snap it doesn’t snap directly on the line but slightly off from it.

what could i be doing wrong here? thanks

update: I found if I grab the shape in the lower corner and move it will snap to grid like I want it to.

You’re on the right track. I found this counterintuitive initially as well.

The key to understanding the snapping behavior is that it’s based on the location that’s grabbed and being moved. So if you grab the center of the object so the 4-headed arrow is showing then note that snapping occurs from that center point. As you found with the lower left it will snap to that corner. There are multiple points on the object that you can grab which are then used for both grid snapping and snapping to locations on another object.

This is actually quite powerful and allows for rapid and precise alignment operations.

I see that now as well thank you. I’ve tried to figure this out for a while before posting a question about it, soon as I do, I start figuring it out lol.

Me too… :smiley:

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